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The Scandals
in Europe – Tourdiary Part #02

Vor 3 Jahren gepostet,von Ara

image2After a long night at b58 we made our way to Berlin for a long haul of a day. I was dropped off at The Ramones museum to do an acoustic set before our show that night at Wild at Heart. Exploring the museum was a blast. We found signatures and pictures of all of the friends that have come through in the past and of course we were blown away by the amount of Ramones memorabilia that was there. We were also reunited with our brothers in The Uprising, and after a fun acoustic session we shot over to the club to catch load in on time. We had been hearing about Wild at Heart for years and it really was a great club. They treated us like home and then a long day turned into a long night

The next day we headed over to Dresden for the Contra bash. Stacked with great bands, great food, and great beer you couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the day. I was also stoked to snag a copy of Lenny Lashley’s euro only 7″. The show was a blast and I even managed to get lost wandering around for a bit. The Contra guys were awesome enough to put us up for the night before we headed out to Hamburg to play at the Monkey Music Club.

Hamburg was our last show with Hudson Falcons and Roadside Bombs. We had a blast with all those guys and was truly a bummer to see them go. We spent the night singing along with them and pounding beers alongside our main man Gunnar from Gunner records. After the show we rolled back to a hostel and stayed up until the early hours with all of our American friends. Late night German TV doesn’t seem to have too many options besides 18+image5

This began our journey to the UK. In the van we played enough batman and GTA for our eyeballs to fall out and we caught the ferry just as it was starting to get dark out. The seas were a bit rough that day and I think a couple of us were shaken up pretty well from the trip. After the ferry me and Laurin stocked up on Prawn crisps and we headed to the sleeping place for the night.

We hopped back in the van and woke up in a rush to get Anthony to the venue in Plymouth so that he could hop on a Skype interview for a job back home. There we met our awesome host Ben who made us feel right at home. The show was great and featured some sick bands called The Blowouts ans Bad Credentials. After the show we hung hard with everyone until the late hours taking turns as DJ and Sean took some time to lay some rhymes down over some hip hop tracks. We went back to Ben’s place after to hang with his dog Turbo and listen to all of the Rev Records discography (especially Farside). The next morning we woke up and went to the waterfront to see the sights. I got some crab thing to eat that didn’t sit to well. Otherwise it was a lovely afternoon.




We rolled to Exeter the next day to play at The Cavern. Again we were billed with some fantastic bands. The local bands just got better and better at every show in the UK. We didn’t get to explore too much here so we crashed and woke up the next morning.

The next day we were in Peterborough with Old School Reasons and One Nation. It was a high energy show with a ton of Positive vibes from all the bands that played. We spent a majority of the night drinking heavily with the OSR boys (I swear Mark is the UK version of Zach from Lost in Society). Those were some of the best dudes we met and we can’t wait to party with them again. I do think the sound guy was pissed me and Sean unplugged his fog machine though. Woops.




With a long drive to Dundee, Scotland there again was much Batman to be played. It was a gray and rainy drive which lead me to regret not taking any clothes heavier than a hoodie. Not my brightest moment. The bands and crew at Buskers were more than amazing. Maxwell’s Dead, Robot Doctors, and Salem Street were all unreal bands. We were showed the intense drink that was Ironbrau. Man. Laurin really put those down over the next couple of days. I really can’t even explain how good all of these UK bands were. Watching Salem Street rip a mix of The Living End and The Clash tighter than guys double their age was too sick. Unfortunately we couldn’t party too hard with everyone since we had a late night ferry to catch to Ireland. It was on to a new place to meet up with our homies in The Gaslight Anthem.


Written by Jared Hart.

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