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The Scandals
in Europe – Tourdiary Part #01

Vor 3 Jahren gepostet,von Ara

image1So we have officially been in Europe for one week. We finished our 7th set tonight which included two acoustic sets. Now I’m laying on a mattress in the middle of the B58 club listening to the banter of the tour party over the Descendants playing on the radio. I finally have some time to sit and recap the last few shows for this tour blog while Sean, Anthony, and Pesky attempt to turn basketball games into drinking games.


Show one was the Rumbler’s BBQ. We got there and the stage was set up behind a building that was once a power plant for the old coal mine below. The yard was stocked with classic cars, good food, beers, and even a sand pit with tropical cocktails. We were stoked to meet up with the Falcons and  enjoyed a set from our new buds in Roadside Bombs. We played an hour set which was a good warm up for the tour.


Show two was a double header in Rotterdam  for the Rotterdam Riot festival. Hudson Falcons played to a packed crowd early in the day inside of a boat on the canal. After I headed up to the deck to play an acoustic set to a surprisingly attentive crowd of people enjoying the sun along with their drinks. After I took the initiative to explore the area since I’ve never been up that way. I walked along the canal for a while and cut up to the main streets to attempt to find a scratch off from a new country but unfortunately all the stores were closed. Rotterdam was really an interesting place.

I would love to go back there and spend a few days wandering around. I found my way back to the boat to catch new bud Billy Liar kill it with an acoustic guitar on the deck. After we headed over to the Worm venue where we played a tight set to a great crowd. The festival was a blast and I hope we get the chance to play there again soon.



Monday we woke up early to roll back to our German headquarters in Dulmen. We’ve become regulars at the Piya Doner there and I’ve grown to love my spot on Stephan and Schnabel’s couch. The show at Xland was a ton of fun and it was great to see Mark from the Falcons play a full acoustic set. We had some Doner for dinner (of course) and began partying a bit harder than I expected we would. We ended up sampling the entire liquor collection at the bar and headed home. After a dice game and a long night, the next morning’s double header was not the easiest one to get through.


image5-1The first show on Tuesday was at Green Hell records in Munster. As I sat down to sing my first acoustic song I was fighting to hold down my own green hell from escaping out of my bowels. I made it through the set better than I thought and explored the store before Mark played. What an awesome shop. It took everything in me to not grab both Token Entry records I found for fear of wrecking them with the three weeks left on the road. After that we rolled to Essen to play  a dope show at Sudrock with the Falcons and Emscherkurve77. The vibes were great and we enjoyed meeting and talking with a lot of new people. One of the Falcon’s long time friends brought two bins of Haribo gummies. I was in heaven.

Returning to B58 was awesome. This was our last stop on the tour last year so it was kind of a blur for me. Everyone here is way too nice and really took care of us. The only bummer was that we learned that because of Get Dead who we shared the show with last year, there was no longer any wifi for bands….I don’t even want to know any more details on that. Tomorrow we head to Berlin for another double header. First is acoustic at the Ramones museum and then over to Wild at Heart full band. Time to try and rest while bumping some Beach Slang in the headphones. I need something to drown out Anthony’s giggling from the mattress across from me.



Written by Jared Hart.

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