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#25: The Scandals

Vor 4 Jahren gepostet,von Ara

Sperrt die Lauscher auf  – denn mit The Scandals kommt die geballte Ladung Punkrock ins Land. Im Gepäck haben die Jungs ihre neue Platte „Time Machine“, die Gunner Records als wahnsinnig schicke rote LP auf den Markt bringt. Bevor die vier Jungs aus New Jersey allerdings die deutschen Bühnen entern, verrät und Jared, welche Platten er aktuell am liebsten hört:


  • 1. The Lawrence Arms-„Metropole“The Scandals

-This band has been one of my favorites for years and I hand’t been this excited for a record to come out for a while. They have a knack for hooks and I’m a sucker for the kind of catchiness these guys constantly deliver. Couple that with some hard hitting lyrics,dual vocalists,and one of the most solid drummers in the game, and you’ve got an album that bands with the same lifespan would kill to put out at this point in their career.


  • 2. Brian McGee-„Ruin Creek“

-So I know this isn’t out yet but it’s a great record. Unlike his last solo record, this one features mostly just Brian and his guitar. It’s great to hear and feel the exact energy you experience live with these songs, and when a song holds up in that bare bones form without layers of tricks and tracks, you know it’s a great song. McGee’s got a whole album full of them.


  • 3. Street Brats-„See You At the Bottom“

-Just a great punk rock record. A buddy of mine had showed me a split 7″ with „Destination Nowhere“ on it forever ago and it would constantly come back to me as one of the catchiest songs there is. I recently picked up the whole record and it’s been spinning ever since. I’m not sure if these guys play often/at all anymore, but I wish we could hop on a bill with them.


  • 4. Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One-„Illuminator“

-This record came out last year but has never left my stereo. What can I say, the dude’s just got it. This has been one of my few go to’s when I have no desire to listen to anything else and I just can’t get sick of it. „Happily“ is one of those classic tracks that you can put on every day for years and it just can’t get old.


  • 5.Burning Streets-„Sit Still“

-Ah, what to say about these guys. First of all, they’re a bunch of goons but they’re music aint half bad. Not a week goes by where something happens that doesn’t remind me of being on the road with these fools, and in turn I always end up putting this record back into my car and spinning it 20 times. This is one of those bands that when you hear the record you think, „man these are some great tunes, but can they pull all of this off live?“ The answer is yes, tenfold. Every guitar track, every harmony, and every fill has 10x more chill-worthy energy and that makes it impossible to walk away after hearing „Disappointed“ and not say „that’s one of the best punk rock songs I’ve ever heard.“



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30.03.2014 Trier (D) – Ex Haus
04.04.2014 Volkach (D) – Dschungel w/ Surfing Hundekuchen
05.04.2014 Oettingen (D) – JUZ Kraftwerk
06.04.2014 Freiburg (D) – White Rabbit
11.04.2014 Nürnberg (D) – Eat The Beat Festival
12.04.2014 Berchtesgaden (D) – Kuckucksnest
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15.04.2014 München (D) – Kafe Kult
19.04.2014 Offingen (D) – Juz w/ Elway, JoeMcMahon, All Abord, Flatline Walkers
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22.04.2014 Graz (A) – Sub
23.04.2014 Feldbach (A) – Feldbach
24.04.2014 Budapest (H) – Gozsdu Mano Klub
25.04.2014 Wien (A) – Das Bach
26.04.2014 Unterwaldhausen (D) – Querbeat Festival
27.04.2014 Abensberg (D) – Gleis 1
28.04.2014 Leipzig (D) – Lala Studios
29.04.2014 Chemnitz (D) – Subway To Peter
30.04.2014 Rendsburg (D) – T-Stube
01.05.2014 Berlin (D) – Myfest / Coretext Bühne
03.05.2014 Wermelskirchen (D) – AJZ

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