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The Static
Age als faule Pandas!

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The Static Age aus Chicago und Featuring Yourself aus Kiel sind Labelkollegen auf dem US-Label Highwires, waren gemeinsam auf Tour und haben sich auf einer Split 7″ (2013 auf Flix Records erschienen) gegenseitig gecovert. Umso schöner, dass sich die beiden Bands mehr entlocken können als wir aus den Bandbiographien kennen. The Static Age veröffentlichen Mitte März ein Re-Release ihres Debütalbums „Neon Nights Electric Lives“ und Featuring Yourself bereiten gerade ihr zweites Album vor.


Im ersten Teil fragen Featuring Yourself ihre Kollegen aus Chicago aus:


1. If your band was an animal, what would it be (hawks excluded!)?

Andrew: Maybe an owl with an augmented-reality monocle. Or sometimes like a tiger lost in New York. Other times maybe a really lazy panda.

Adam: Albatross.

Joe: A Panda, because we can be really lazy…or it’s PANDA-MONIUM.



2. John Dillinger or Al Capone?

Adam: The Dillinger Escape Plan

Andrew: Magneto

Joe: The one that didn’t die from syphilis. Or neither.



3. Was there any initial event giving you the kick to start a band? Like all members of Joy Division seeing a Sex Pistols show…?

Andrew: Yeah, that’s a good one. I don’t know if there was a single moment. There were a few that added up, maybe.

Adam: There was no real „flash point“ moment. All of our biggest musical influences who held the most weight with us all seemed to have that moment where they showed they were more than just a part of a genre that they were being pigeonholed into. That influenced us, for sure. Shit or get off the pot I suppose.

Andrew: I think we figured things out as we went. Three of the four founding members had been in a thrashy punk band right before The Static Age called The Hemlock Verdict, and Marie, The Static Age’s founding keyboardist, actually played keyboards on The Hemlock Verdict’s demo, too. So, if there was a moment, maybe that studio session was it — the first time the four of us played together on a record. The addition of keys completely changed parts of the songs, and I remember wondering why we didn’t use keyboards more often. Those demo sessions were also actually the first time that I really tried to sing on a record other than gang vocals, too. I wasn’t the lead singer in that band, but there was one song in particular for which I sang a pretty major part. So, if anything, that recording session was „the moment“ — within a matter of months, we formed the The Static Age.



4. Did the 2013/2014 snowstorm have any impact on the sound of your upcoming record?

Andrew: Maybe so. I suppose it’s just another input for the output. This winter has certainly been a rough one in general. I grew up in Vermont — I’m supposed to be used to the cold — but Chicago winters are brutal beasts.

Adam: I wouldn’t say so. More or less a contributing factor to a pessimistic and sour attitude. Though, for me that’s par for the course. Climate change is real and Chicago ought to be referred to as Planet Hoth for the remainder of winter.

Joe: It certainly effects my general mood. That being said, I’m sure it effects the creativity by proxy.



5. When will TSA & FY tour Europe again? Hope to see you soon, buddies!

Andrew: As soon as possible. What are you guys doing next week?

Joe: Yeah, what’s Thursday looking like for you guys? Want to tour?

Adam: Hmm…as soon as Germany ups their supply of Guinness.


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