Über die Liebe zur Musik…

Goodbye Fairground stellen
euch Versus You vor!

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Runde #2 in der Vorstellungsrunde von Versus You und Goodbye Fairground. Dieses Mal sind die Luxemburger an der Reihe und beantworten die Fragen, die ihnen Goodbye Fairground gestellt haben. Heute, am 14.02. ist nicht nur der Release Day vom neuen Versus You Album Moving On, sondern auch der Tourstart, der beide Bands erstmals gemeinsam auf die Straßen von Deutschland und Luxemburg führt. Vorbeischauen lohnt sich!



Goodybe Fairground: We haven’t met before so please introduce yourselves: who is the quiet guy, who is the quickest to get drunk, who likes to eat the weirdest / most disgusting things and who is the one who could easily do something apart from music and make much more money but still decides to stay in Versus You and play punk music? (I admit that these are technically four questions but who’s counting, right?)


Hey, I’m Eric and I’m happy to be answering your questions. We all like to be quiet and get drunk. Some of us get drunk more than others. We’re not quiet drunks though. Or so we’re told. Giordano, our bassist, is allergic to mushrooms, which is pretty uncommon. Jerry, our drummer, can probably program computers by now and I could be a professional hypochondriac. Dario is Giordano’s younger brother but likes mushrooms.


GF: What is the one song that we should learn to singalong first because you as a band think it’s your best one even though most people prefer to hear your hits, singles or old songs instead?


Probably ‘The Mad Ones’ but what do I know? We have a Jawbreaker song in our set. That should be the one to sing along to.


GF: What is your favorite mellow artist/band to listen to after a show when you can’t sleep because your ears are still ringing?


Neil Young, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Paul Westerberg, The Replacements and Hüsker Dü are what I like to listen to when I try to sleep in the van after a show.


GF: Do you have a catchphrase that you yell before a show (such as „Let’s rock and roll, guys!“ or „You better lose yourself in the music, the moment you own it, you better never let it go,…!“)? (if not could you please pretend you have one?)


We have none but we should come up with something. Preferably something that doesn’t make much sense at all.


GF: Since we’ve never been to Luxembourg as a band (except our drummer Julia and guitarist Jan who once went there on tour because gas was cheaper) what is the one (tourist-)spot that we should try to see before we play your release show and „burn the city/country to the ground“ (figuratively speaking of course…we’re friendly, peaceful people)?


Since Luxembourg City is microscopic, you can see pretty much everything in an hour or two. We’ll take you everywhere.


14.02. Zweibrücken – Hobbitkeller
15.02. Luxemburg (LUX) – Den Atelier
16.02. Aachen – AZ
17.02. Düsseldorf – The Tube
18.02. Frankfurt – Ponyhof
19.02. Regensburg – Alte Mälzerei
20.02. Zwiesel – Jugendcafe
21.02. Ulm – BTP Hauptquartier
22.02. Innsbruck (AUT) – PMK

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