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#22: A Wilhelm Scream

Vor 4 Jahren gepostet,von Ara

A Wilhelm Scream sind wieder komplett im Game. Letztes Jahr veröffentlichten sie ihr neues Album ‚Party Crasher‘, mit dem sie nun auch in Deutschland touren (was wir nebenbei gesagt präsentieren 😉 ). Deshalb freuen wir uns sehr, dass ihr Schlagzeuger Nicholas sich die Zeit genommen hat, um uns fünf Platten zu nennen die er momentan gerne hört.

  • L’Invasione degli Omini Verdi Verdi – il Banco Piange
    The bands latest release. They explore different tempos and sounds while keeping there sound. I believe this is there strongest record to date.


  • The Flatliners – Dead Language
    This band can do no wrong. Hits from front to back. I would have named this record Awesome Sandwich.


  • Living With Lions – Make Your Mark
    This may very well be my favorite record ever. If you are a fan of Lifetime and old Saves the Day you need to hear this record.


  • Raindance – Weathered
    Brutal Hardcore that kind of scares me. Tight and technological. Fans of Converge will dig this record.


  • Half Hearted Hero – Whatever
    There unique take on punk rock draws you in and gives you a nice place to sit, and a beverage of your choice. You are not quite sure why you are there, but your happy you are.


A Wilhelm Scream Tour 2014

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