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#019: Fights & Fires

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Anfang 2013 erschien die aktuelle Scheibe „We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow“ von Fights And Fires. Damals kamen die Jungs bereits auf ausgedehnte Deutschland Tour. Scheibar können die Jungs aus Worcester nicht genug bekommen, denn im Februar kommen sie für eine Kurztour zurück! Allemal ein Grund, Schlagzeuger Lee auszufragen, welche Platten aktuell bei ihm auf Rotation laufen! Unsere Rezension zur letzten F&F Platte gibt’s übrigens hier im Archiv!


Iron Chic – The Constant One

I only recently got into this band after giving them another chance after previously writing them off and not really enjoying them. Honestly, since this record started streaming online and the vinyl arrived, i’ve found it really difficult to put anything else on. There isn’t a mood that doesn’t suit this album. Its, plain and simply, brilliant punk rock. Favourite track – Bogus Journey


Rotting Out – The Wrong Way

Straight up, punk rock/hardcore at its best. I am a sucker for a headbang, a mosh behind the steering wheel in the car and air drumming whilst sat on the sofa – this record serves all of those purposes. Rotting Out give off the vibe that they don’t take themselves too seriously and are having a good time playing hardcore, something which I think the genre has lost. It may not be groundbreaking or creating a new mould of hardcore, but, I don’t really care about that! Its brilliant! Favourite track – A Question


The Flatliners – Dead Language

I took a chance on The Flatliners years ago when Amazon reccommended that I order their first album. I’ve been a huge fan ever since, seeing them multiple times and having played with them a few times too. With each record they release, they seem to perfect their own brand of punk rock even more. A seriously talented band. This record, once again, is brimming with anthems, hooks and singalongs. The only thing I hate, is how easy, Paul the drummer, makes drumming look! Favourite track – Caskets Full


Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal

I’ll probably lose a lot of punk rock cool points for this, but, this album is a perfect metal/hardcore/whatever it’s branded as, record. This record is a lot more melodic than BMTH’s previous offerings, whilst still not losing any of its arrogance, heaviness and catchiness. Early on in BMTH’s career, I was never much of a fan. The last two albums have certainly changed my view and they are one of the bands I now listen to the most. The first time I saw them play was at the nightclub around the corner from my house on one of their first tours to just 150 people. The second time was in April 2013 at Groezrock Festival. Its crazy how big and how far they have progressed as a band. Favourite track – Can You Feel My Heart


Less Than Jake – See The Light

I was always a huge ska fan up until I was about 18. I listened to so much of it, I got bored. Less Than Jake have come back with their 100000th studio album and its made me love listening to ska punk again. It’s as if the band have sat around a table, drawn up a plan and unleashed an album to make everyone love ska punk again. The album has been released in plenty of time for their tour in the new year with Reel Big Fish and I havent looked forward to going to a show this much in ages! I’ll be skanking! This album is a perfect concoction of cheesey brass lines, upstrokes, skate punk and sing-a-long choruses. Favourite track – Bless The Cracks


Wir freuen uns wie ein Honigkuchenpferd, dass wir euch diese kleine, aber feine Kurztour präsentieren dürfen:

12.02.2014 – Bonn (GER) @ Bla
13.02.2014 – Nürnberg (GER) @ Zentralcafe / K4
14.02.2014 – Augsburg (GER) @ Ballonfabrik
15.02.2014 – Essen (GER) @ XI Eleven

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