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#018: Owls By Nature

Vor 4 Jahren gepostet,von Ara

Zugegeben, unser letzter Lauschangriff liegt schon einige Wochen in der Vergangenheit – daher gibt’s nun mit dem von Owls By Nature auch eine kleine Besonderheit. Anstatt eines Bandmitgliedes haben wir die komplette Band befragt, welche Platte aktuell bei ihnen am häufigsten läuft:


1) Sean: Thin Lizzy – Dedication

Classic band, greatest hits, nuff said. just kiddin‘.  My favourite track is ‚Waiting for an alibi‘. He is an amazing writer, player and singer. Makes me feel rock’n’roll. His vocal delivery is so slick and carefree.  sometimes when you play more „heartfelt songs“ you wanna feel rock n roll.


2) Fred: Elvis Costello and The Roots – Wise Up Ghost

Amazing collaboration between a brilliant songwriter and an amazing band. Favourite track is „Sugar Don’t Work“. Both Costello and The Roots band have both been longtime favourites of mine. I always find Costellos lyrics so poetic, and as a drummer, Questlove and the Roots inspire me with their heavy grooves. They are typically very different stylistically, but both are legends in their own right, and have come together so well on this record.


3) Doc: Vince Gill and Paul Franklin – Bakers’s Field

„Tonight the bottle let me down“ is my favorite song. I like it because it’s a faithfull recreation of traditional baker’s field country. It’s just good classic country music with great singing, great guitar playing and great steel guitar playing. I brought it along on this tour because the record just makes me happy whenever i hear it.


4) Cry: Daniel Lanois – Shine

The song I prefer most of the album would be „I love you“. I think the idea  of writing a sing about the three most important words appeals to me. If you choose to do that you got to deliver. And i think he did that because he manage to capture all the subtlety and at the same time grandeur of the statement.


5) Ian: The Killers – Battle Born

I listened to it before we recorded the new album because the songs are all very well arranged. The album is executed beautifully from a production standpoint and helped inspire what i wanted to hear and helped inspire elements of our most recent effort. Favorite song would be between „Miss atomic bomb“ and „From here on out“.


Vergesst nicht, dass die Jungs in eineinhalb Wochen auch Deutschland unsicher machen werden!

Präsentiert von: Ox, Livegigs, triggerfish, Lieblingstape, Schallhafen, Tough Magazin:
15.01.2014 Flensburg – Volksbad
17.01.2014 Hannover – Lux
18.01.2014 Osnabrück – Kleine Freiheit
19.01.2014 Dortmund – FZW Bar
20.01.2014 Köln – Blue Shell
21.01.2014 Hamburg – Haus III&70
22.01.2014 Berlin – Privatclub
23.01.2014 Tübingen – Sudhaus
24.01.2014 Weinheim – Café Central
25.01.2014 Saarbrücken – Kleiner Klub
26.01.2014 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
29.01.2014 Bremen – Tower

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