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Lieblingstape & Dave HauseWer Jasmin von Stay Close To Your Soul und ihre Interviews kennt, weiß, dass sie in der Regel immer ein wenig außergewöhnlich sind.  Die Angelfans Chuck Ragan und Joe Gingsberg durften beispielsweise ihre Interviewfragen angeln und Mr Ragan deklarierte es über Instagram als „Best Interview“. Nach Monaten der üblichen Interviews fing ich also zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben an, für ein Interview zu basteln. Da ich nichts überstürzen wollte, bekam Wein-Fan Dave Hause also ein Wein-Interview. Also kurzerhand die Fragen um Weinkorken gewickelt und eine Flasche fränkischen Wein eingepackt und nach Frankfurt gefahren! Daves Aufgabe lag also darin, die verschiedenen Weinkorken der Reihenfolge nach zu sortieren und nach und nach die einzelnen Fragen zu beantworten. Selten hatte ich während eines Interviews weniger  zu tun – aber lest selbst!




LT: Yesterday you played you biggest headliner show ever in cologne. How was it?


Dave: It was interesting! It was great, it was amazing, the crowd was amazing…. I think when things like this happen, there’s a lot of pressure. And it’s important to me, when you get this opportunity, to make it count and be great – as great as you can be. And we did archive it, but there’s a lot of build-up and you can get pretty anxious about stuff like that. But I think the general practice can be that you just approach the way you approach every show, giving your best. And we just had a wonderful show, it was awesome.  Oh, I gonna pick the next one!


What is your favorite kind and alcohol and why?  I do like to drink wine, I like to drink beer and I like Jameson. But the problem with Jameson is, you can get drunk fast. I’m not really a wine connoisseur, I mean when I get a good wine, it’s great. But I would say probably beer. It’s easier to sing when you drinking wine instead of beer. Cause beer is so carbonated and it just blows you. But I do like to drink beer more than wine.


Number three is: Being on tour is about drinking much alcohol. Can you tell us a story about a caper that was based on drinking way too much alcohol? (Laughing) Oh, there’s a lot of them. The problem is you can’t remember them that well. Well one thing we liked to do on the Revival Tour was stagediving in the bus, we had like mosh-parties in there. And you wake up the next morning and your wonder what happened, why do you feel like you got hit by a truck?! But yeah, that’s definitely a caper that happens (laughing again).


Let’s see… Why did you decide to make another album with a band in the background instead of doing a real solo record? Do you think pure singer/songwriter records are boring or what was the intention? Ah, well – what do you mean by a “real solo record”?


Dave Hause: Foto: Arabell WalterLT: Like just you and your guitar.


Dave: Oh, it’s just not the way that I wanted the song to be presented. I thought there are some big ideas lyrically and I had a lot of themes and I wanted to make an interesting exciting sounding record that you could sink your teeth into. And I thought that the music should reflect all that. I think you can do it, but it’s hard.  You wanna hear a full range of instruments so I thought it was the better way to present the songs.


So next one is: Some fellows like Frank Turner or Tim Vantol decided to get a backing band for their live shows and you get e.g. Matt and Mitch on stage to play with you for some songs – did you ever think of doing this solo-stuff as a proper band-thing for live shows? Oh yeah, that’s definitely coming! In the summer I’ll be back to do festivals and I’ll bring a band. The idea is right now to present the songs the way I originally wrote them. And then I wanna come back – you know, I wanna have a different show every time.  I don’t wanna do it just this way. I’m still building it, getting people to come, pay attention and I think it’s more intimate with less and get the songs across live and then bring the band when there’s a bigger crowd. It will be exciting; I’m really fired up to do it! I can’t wait to play those shows!

Are we missing number six?


LT: Number six would be: On one hand you compliment your German fans for being loyal and on the other hand you say there is something weird about them – the fact they always find a reason to complain. Like a guy in Hamburg who judged you for playing “C’mon kid” on the piano instead of playing it on e guitar. Can you still say the positive aspects about the folks here are dominating?

Dave: Oh yeah, of course! It’s usually a funny thing. Culturally it’s more bluntness, more forwardness. Which is funny, but it can be difficult, when you first hear someone who criticizes the show … but no, no, no! I love playing in Germany! It’s great! Everyone has been really good to me and it’s not weird in a way that I don’t enjoy. It’s a funny little cultural thing.

LT: So it’s different to other countries?

Dave: Yeah! I mean everybody has a different approach. In fact it’s different everywhere.  For example in the North of Germany it’s  a much more reserved crowd and as you get south it gets wilder. And it also depends on the night of the week. If it’s a Tuesday it’s one thing… but yeah, I love it, it’s great and everyone has been so kind.


Dave Hause Interview


LT: As we skipped one question here’s the next: In my opinion Singer/Songwriters have the hardest job of all kind of musicians when they’re on stage. What is the worst thing an audience can do while you’re playing?


Dave: The worst thing? I think when there’s a quiet moment, to talk trough. It can be a little frustrating.  Again I’m happy people decided to come out and it is entertainment. My concern when people are talking, it’s not because I think you have to listen to me. It’s just that other people have payed to come and you should respect them. It’s the same thing in a movie theater, when people text or calling the phone. Those are kinda things which make me crazy, because you should think about other people. But no, people are usually cool!


So – how come you use so many religious terms while you declare yourself as a non-religious person? Well, I was raised religious – in a really really religious family. I went to Christian school and church and youthgroup and all that stuff for years and years. And I think you get to a point where you just figure out what you believe about the world. But that doesn’t change the way you were raised. I think for me that the imagery is interesting – everyone can relate to it, so many people have been raised that way. So and there’re good things to write about. There’re a lot of conflicts, guilt and redemption are definitely huge topics to write about, so it’s helpful. It wasn’t always helpful in my life…


Dave Hause - Lieblingstape Wine On StageLT: I think this point is really interesting. Cause when I was listening to Devour for the first times I recognized you’re singing about many religious things and I really thought you would believe in god. But then I read some of your interviews…

Dave: Yeah, I don’t. This song “Becoming Secular” – that is a real thing, you know? Moving forwards, being my own thoughts and ideas and not swallowing what I was told. But it’s still in here.


(Reads the next one pretty fast:) You say the first title “Damascus” is referred to the bible and Pauls way out of the darkness – “Benediction” is also a religious term. First of all: Was it your plan from the start to frame the whole record with those two songs? – Yeah it was! Once I had “Damascus” or better said the first four, five songs, which are the first five songs on the record, I knew I wanted to end positively and I knew I wanted to close with that ‘Are you in’-concept.   The thing I didn’t figure out till later was that love-part of it in there. We discovered John Lennons simple message. I was on tour with the Alkaline Trio and we went to the Beatles museum in Liverpool, walked through and I saw the John Lennon exhibit and I was just like ‘Man that’s something to really wedge on to.’  And I ended up with ‘It’s love in the end that can save us.’ – so, yeah that plan came in pretty early. Once I had this frame work, it made it easier to finish.


“I can’t feel alive unless I’m feeling sick…” (Same Disease) Would you say as a musician suffering is sometimes kinda essential for writing good music? – No, I don’t think it’s essential. I don’t think it’s suffering, but I think most people I know, who successfully do this they got something eating at them. Something that’s bugging them. And it doesn’t necessarily have to Dave Hause in Frankfurt - Foto: Arabellbe suffering, but something to proof, or something they haven’t figured quite out in their own life. There’s a yearning that goes on with it, I think. But I don’t think it’s suffering, there’s people that make music and don’t suffer for it, they just enjoy their life (laughing)!


Are you already annoyed of being asked about a next THE LOVED ONES record? – Not annoyed. I appreciate that people care. It’s just The Loved Ones – we were not the Beatles! The Loved Ones is not that different from me, just a bit louder and faster. The thing which becomes a little bit frustrating is kind of that question: Where was everybody when we were playing? There wasn’t that many people asking when we were doing it. So for me to go back to it, – we were never as successful as “Devour” and “Resolutions”. Maybe we were in the States, but not here as much. We didn’t come over that much. So to me that is the next The Loved Ones Record – “Devour”! That’s it!


LT: So would you say this chapter is finally over?

Dave: I mean we would do a festival gig or we would do maybe a charity gig or something for fun, but at this point I’ve got two solo records out, The Loved Ones had two records, I make one more records and I’ve already way more recorded work – so what’s the point? (Laughing). But it’s nice that people care!


As the blog’s name is Lieblinstape – could you list five songs I would find on your favorite mixtape? – I would say…. I always put “The Righteous Path” by Drive-Bye Truckers, I always put “I Just Saw Her Face” by the Beatles, I always put on a Hold Steady song. I would probably chose “Citrus” or “Constructive Summer”. I would pick up a Patty Griffin song – probably “Heavenly Day” … and “You’re So Bad” by Tom Petty!



THANK YOU(Question number 14 was on a bottle of wine and had a THANK YOU-Picture on it) Dave (Laughing): Oh cool! Nice! Very nice. Thank you!
LT: I’m from Franconia, which is a german wine-region – and as we had some kind of wine-topic, I thought it would be a nice gift!
Dave: Wow, oh cool! Yeah, I will drink this on stage! Thank you! Thank you for your kindness and your interest! You were a great! So enjoy the show and see you from the stage!


Das Interview wurde am 27.11.2013 in der
Frankfurter Batschkapp von Arabell Walter geführt


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