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Wenn man bei Konzerten fotografiert und/oder ein Interview macht, läuft alles in der Regel ziemlich routiniert ab. Es gibt klare Treffpunkte, man kriegt seine Zeit, holt seinen Fotopass, knippst die ersten drei Songs der jeweiligen Band und lässt den Rest des Konzertes geschehen, ohne Band und Fans mit der Kamera zu belästigen. Leider ist das nicht immer der Fall. Der vergangene Sonntag an dem ich You Me At Six bei ihrer Tour mit 30 Seconds To Mars in Köln fotografieren und interviewen sollte war eine Ausnahme. Da der Bericht international gehalten wird gibt’s eine kurze Beschreibung warum es hier keine Fotos zu sehen gibt. Das Interview gibt es weiter unten.


If you don’t care about pictures just skip this part and go right to the interview below.

Hey, why aren’t there any pictures of the band?

Well that’s a very good question. When I arrived at the venue in cologne, everything was very stressfull. I really thought I’d miss the time frame when the band was ready for their interview. Luckily I made it and talked to Matt and Chris. But later, the tour manager told I’m not on the list for photo passes as I’ve been promised and I should go to the box office when the doors open to see if they have one for me. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and I had to leave the venue without seeing them play or taking any pictures. I’m not sure who, but someone really messed up. But what I definitely know is that it’s not the bands fault.


So instead of showing standard band photos or posting the interview without any pictures I asked my mate Marc (who’s a huge fan of YMAS too) to make some rough sketches for me. And that’s what he did. Thank you Marc for helping me out, and sorry YMAS that I don’t have any pictures for you. I hope this one’s close enough 😉

The Interview

You’ve been on tour for little while and it’s your first day of the german tour with 30 Seconds To Mars. Are you happy to be back in germany?

Chris: Yeah we’re really excited for a while. We played other places of this tour like Lisbon and Milano, we’ve never seen before and now we’re coming to germany where we played a several times want to see what the shows will be like.


You’re playing really huge venues on this tour and you played Wembley Arena in your home country earlier this year. How does it feel playing in front of this massive amount of people?

Chris: As we said before, we played germany many times before but not that big. So we are really excited and greatful for 30 Seconds To Mars for taking us out. The shows have been great so far, I just cannot wait to see how the other big shows are. I guess it will be fun.


You even got awarded for you show in wembley. You won for the best event 2013. The other nominees where musicians like Fall Out Boy, Green Day or Dave Grohl’s Sound City. Those are some  huge names. How does it feel to win against them?

Matt: I think it’s just like, those are bands who doing it whole the time and they have been that big for so long. We were coming from a point, where we were not quite big until a year later, when we made something big. So people could see like „Oh Fall Out Boy, they’re massive yep; Dave Grohl, huge, whatever; give it to them cause they deserve it“. We started from the bottom and now we’re here (laughing). Yeah it’s a cool feeling.


So it’s running pretty well for you at the moment. You already finished your next album and it will be released soon.

Chris: Yeah it’s coming out in January. We’ve been working hard in the last 6 months and have been writing new songs for the new album. We’re really happy to can say it’s the best record we have written together, the best sounding CD. We did it with a new producer this tiem, Neil Avron. He’s made albums like Fall Out Boy or was mixing Linkin Park, so it was great to record with someone like that. We can’t wait to let everyone hear it now.



You’ve recently released your new single ‚Lived A Lie‚ as a first glimpse on the new album. What will the rest sound like? Can we expect it sounds all similar or is it completely different?

Matt: It’s like a mixed match I think. There will not be any screaming, Winston McCall or Oli Sykes Tracks on this one, it’s sort of straight up. There are songs which are slower and I guess if you hear the next single, everyone will really hear the vibe what the CD will be like.


Now that you mentioned Winston and Oli, it seems like you’re big fans of guest vocalists from other bands. Josh already appeared as guest singer on an album from Bring Me The Horizon too.

Matt: Yeah they’re good mates of us.


Can we expect guest vocalists on the new album?

Chris: We actually haven’t got any on the new CD. We just kind of didn’t wanted to get confused with anyone else and produce a CD which is just purely us.

Matt: Susan Boyle wanted to do a song with us but we decided, that it’s not our thing to do. (both laughing)


So it will be 100% You Me At six?

Matt & Chris: Yes!


That sounds great. But I have one last question in mind about guest vocalists. If you’d record one Song and could choose any guest artist you like, which would it be?

Matt: Jay Z.

Chris: Yeah Matt would say something like Jay-Z but I would like someone like Brandon Boyde from Incubus. Yeah, you never know. One day… Let’s see what happens. (laughing)


Hopefully one of them will read the interview and contact you. I doubt this will happen but let’s hope.

Matt: Haha yeah that would be great.


Thank you Matt and Chris for taking the time. Enjoy your tour with 30 Seconds To Mars. 

Text: Joscha Häring
Pictures: Marc Keller

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