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#017: Fredrik (Misconduct)

Vor 5 Jahren gepostet,von Ara

Im September veröffentlichten Misconduct ihr sechstes Studioalbum „Blood On Our Hands“. Ende Oktober werden die Schweden für drei exklusive Record-Release Shows nach Deutschland kommen. Vorab gab uns Sänger Fredrik einen Einblick in seine aktuelle Plattenauswahl!


1. Rise Against – Long Forgotten Songs

A fucking brilliant collection of amazing B-sides & Covers from one of the absolute best Punk Hardcore bands around! Love the diversity of this album and there is a song for every mood and moment. If you’re a fan of melodic Hardcore Punk and haven’t checked this one out already go ahead cause you will sure as hell not be disappointed!


2. Alkaline Trio – My Shame Is True

What can I say, the Trio is back and this is in my opinion the bands best album since Good Mourning from 2003. Energetic and super catchy punk rock with the typical dark and devilish Alkaline packaging. Melodies in the veins of Ramones with a gothic touch! Some of my favorite tracks on this one are “She Lied To The FBI”, “I, Pessimist” and “The Torture Doctor”.


3. ZSK – Herz Für Die Sache

Our friends in ZSK have made their by far best album ever with so many strong songs like “Antifascista”, Der richtige Weg”, “Before we go” and the amazing title track “Herz für die Sache”. Great melodies, lyrics with an important message and a superb production that makes you wanna stage dive straight into the mosh-pit. What are you waiting for?! Go listen to this album now!


4. Minor Threat – Complete Discography

This is one of my absolute favorite albums of all time and one of the reasons why I got into Hardcore Punk. Been listening to this one lots lately and I never ever get tired of the amazing songs and the in your face lyrics. If you for some reason have missed this one it’s time to experience the true roots of Hardcore Punk.


5. Asta Kask – Handen På Hjärtat

A new and totally amazing album from one of the best Swedish punk bands of all times. Awesome production, great melodies and super smart lyrics straight in your face! Swedish punk at it’s best! Just the fact that there is a German tribute band called “Rasta Knast” that mostly play cover versions of Asta Kask says a lot about this fantastic band!


Ende des Monats kommen Misconduct für drei Release-Shows nach Deutschland. Eine ausgedehnte Tour soll im kommenden Frühjahr folgen!

31.10. Leipzig, Four Rooms
01.11. Oberhausen, Zentrum Altenberg
02.11.  München, Backstage

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