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Lauschangriff #14:

Vor 5 Jahren gepostet,von Eileen

Die Boys von Apologies, I Have None haben es uns in der letzten Zeit echt angetan, da darf die Punk Band aus England natürlich nicht in unserer Kategorie „Lauschangriff“ fehlen. Immerhin hören Musiker, die gute Musik machen, oftmals gute Musik. Ist doch logisch, oder? Also kommen hier die Top 5 der aktuellen Platten von Dan Bond:



1) Great Cynics – Like I Belong

Iona joined the band shortly after Giles and Bob recorded the first album and her harmonies with Giles really make the big parts on their second record stand out. Such a good go-to record. I think Giles is a little underrated as a lyric writer. There are lots of points on this record where I am like „I wish I wrote that“ or the full weight of the line becomes clear after you listen to the album a few times.


2) Boysetsfire – While A Nation Sleeps

I don’t know what I was expecting after their long break, but this is classic first-class Boysetsfire and it reminded me why they have always been one of the most important bands to me. The way they balance aggression with melody and hooks is inspiring and Nathans vocals are always incredible. I basically only listened to this record for weeks. A life-long fan.


3) Ghetts – The Cypher Single

We’ve been waiting for Ghetts album for a long time now and this is the first single, although the album release date hasn’t been announced. It’s just so rammed full of good lines, perfect delivery and energy, it’s impossible not to feel pulled in by the way he raps and the conviction he puts out. If we get a backstage room at a show, we’ll be playing Ghetts loudly before playing the show. It is the ultimate warm-up.

4) Taylor Swift – Speak Now Live Tour

Don’t judge me. I’ve always been a fan of pop records and both Speak Now and Red are great albums that are easy to listen to (for the most part). It’s easy to write-off pop-music as bullshit, but it’s not all equal and I guess people find different things in music that they attach to and enjoy. There is a great article on Sound On Sound about her recording process that is worth a read. (http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/feb11/articles/it-0211.htm)


5) Captain We’re Sinking – The Future Is Cancelled

I feel like this album has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. It’s not always an easy record to listen to as the content is really heavy in places, but I like that and I love this record. The dual vocal parts work really well and never feel contrived or awkward. I’ll be listening to this for a long time.




Ein besonderes Schmankerl noch zum Schluss: Wir verlosen 1×2 Tickets für die Tour von Apologies, I Have None. Schreibt uns eine nette Mail an arabell.walter[at]yahoo.de mit der Stadt eurer Wahl (außer dem Reeperbahn Festival) + eurem vollen Namen und dann heißt es nur noch Daumen drücken. Einsendeschluss ist der 10. September 2013!
Und hier kommen die aktuellen Tourdaten. Viel Glück!


14.09. – Bremen, Tower
16.09. – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof
17.09. – Stuttgart, Juha West
18.09. – Koblenz, Circus Maximus
19.09. – Neunkirchen, Stummsche Reithalle
25.-28.09. –Hamburg, Reeperbahnfestival

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