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  • Tim Vantol - Lauschangriff. Foto: Arabell Walter

#011: Tim Vantol

Vor 5 Jahren gepostet,von Yase

Tim Vantol ist in diesem Jahr schwer aktiv. Im Moment tourt er mit Band durch Europa und seine neue Platte „If We Go Down, We Will Go Together“ steht auch schon in den Startlöcher. Trotz des vollen Zeitplans sendete er uns fünf Alben die er zur Zeit auf Tour hört.

Defeater – Empty Days & Sleepless Nights [2011]

Although i hate to be one of those guys who mostly listens to acoustic stuff, but i really love the acoustic songs on this record, simple, good and pure.

Masked Intruder – Masked Intruder [2013]

We’ve played 2 shows on this tour with them, it’s really poppy which i mostly not really like, but this is just feel good music and fun to just scream along with on a long ride.

Avett Brothers – Emotionalism [2007]

This is a record that the Banjoe player (Joe), Bassplayer (Justin) and i really love, so we are listening to this one so now and then.

Northcote – Gather No Dust [2011]

An acoustic guy, with a great voice, would love to see him here in europe, he has got a new record now, but this one is my favorite.

John Coffey – Bright Companions [2012]

All i have to say… go check this band out Live, just DO IT!!!!!

Tim ist mit seiner Band unterwegs und spielt Shows in Deutschland, der Schweiz, Schweden und England. Die kompletten Tourdaten findet ihr auf seiner Facebook-Seite.

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