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#009: Nathan Grey

Vor 5 Jahren gepostet,von Yase


Nach zwei Wochen Stille gibt es endlich wieder einen Lauschangriff. Diesmal mit Nathan Grey. Die einen kennen ihn als Sänger der Postcore-Legenden „Boysetsfire“. Andere bejubelten ihn als Frontman der Formation „The Casting Out“. In seinem neusten Projekt ist er der Prediger von „I Am Heresy“. An Kreativität mangelt es dem Mann definitiv nicht. Er ist im Moment sowohl mit I Am Heresy als auch mit Boysetsfire unterwegs und wir haben ihn gefragt, was er momentan so hört.

1. Chelsea wolf- apokalypsis

This album is fucking gorgeous. Full of depth, symbolism, and incredible talent. Its just one of those albums that really speaks to me no matter what mood i’m in. Original and familiar all at once.

2. Christian Death- Only theater of pain

This album has been honestly been in my top 5, and in constant rotation with me since i was 16. I believe the album came out when i was ten, and is still just as relevant now to me as it was when i first heard it. Dark, melodic, rich, and multi-layered „goth punk“ that is to brilliant to be called such a goofy name.

3. Integrity- Humanity is the devil

Go listen to this album now. If you all ready have… Go do it again, again, and again… This was and still is dark/brooding metallic hardcore done right, while so many others fall short.

4. Converge- You fail me

Once again…If you are confused as to why i chose this album…go listen again. It is not often that an album so harsh, twisted, frantic, and disturbing can also be so uplifting, inspiring, and have so many parts that will get locked in your head for eternity

5. Current 93- Christ and the Pale queens mighty in sorrow

Good luck… You’ll either „get“ this one or you wont. Either why, i find it a refreshing piece of art and prose.

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